Fun Reading Games

Fun reading games can play an important role in your child’s education. It’s true that some students just love to read from the very start. They don’t have to be prompted to read. They have their nose in a book every chance they get.

But then there are other students, those who find reading dull and/or difficult. For those students, fun reading games can be just the spark they need to get on track with reading practice and skill development.

Here is one simple, goofy idea that can work well with elementary students, both at school and at home. In this game, students are asked to read simple information on food packages, write it down, and then read another student’s answers.

Funny Food

This game is for 3-4 players, in grades 3-5. You’ll need at least one empty food package. Try to choose packages from foods with short lists of simple ingredients. You’ll also need a list of questions for each player. Your questions can include:

1) What’s the name of the food?

2) What is it mostly made of?

3) Does it have to be cooked?

If so, for how long?

4) How many servings are in this package?

To play, each student chooses one food package. He reads the package to find the answers to the questions. He writes these answers on his paper. When all the players have finished, they place their papers in a pile, mix them up and then take another player’s papers.

Now comes the really fun part! Each player takes a turn reading the questions and answers someone else wrote, as if the answers were for her own package. For instance, Jada might have a package of instant mashed potatoes. Her actual ingredients are dried potatoes, salt, and flavoring. But she might end up with the paper written by someone who had a box of chocolate breakfast cereal. Then she will read that her potatoes are made mostly of chocolate, wheat and sugar.

The game can be played several times as long as there are a variety of food packages from which to choose.

You can see how such a simple game idea, using everyday products, can indeed be a fun reading game!

As you teach your students and parent your children, be on the lookout for more fun reading game ideas of your own. You’ll be surprised at how many good ideas you’ll find!

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